Sydney Opera House To Resolve Sound Issues Ahead Of Tame Impala Gig Tonight

11 November 2015 | 2:02 pm | Neil Griffiths

Venue release statement.

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Concert organisers at the Sydney Opera House have ensured volume tests will be undertaken today ahead of Tame Impala's second performance at the Forecourt tonight, after fans were left seething from last night's show in which many complained about poor sound levels. 

In an official statement, venue management told theMusic, "Early in last night’s performance of Tame Impala we identified an issue with low sound levels; this was quickly addressed with the band, and levels were increased by the fourth song."

"We will be undertaking thorough testing of sound levels around all areas of the venue during tonight’s sound check and for all future Forecourt performances."
Tonight's performance will be the Perth act's final Sydney show of their current tour, before they move on to perform in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland, followed by two dates in New Zealand.
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