Sydney Artist Lisa Caruso Reveals New Single ‘Dream Lover’

13 November 2019 | 6:56 pm | Staff Writer

“I wrote this song in the heat of a moment."

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2019 has been a huge year for emerging artist Lisa Caruso.

Following the release of three huge singles, the singer-songwriter was nominated for Best Emerging Artist at the recent Australian Women In Music awards ceremony.

This week Caruso returns with her fourth and final single of the year, Dream Lover.

“I wrote this song in the heat of a moment,” Caruso told The Music.

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“I was a little/a lot annoyed with a situation I was in and decided to run with it. It does all come from love and compromise, and thinking about fairness and self-worth, but at that time, I was a distressed fireball of passion.

“Just like a sprint, and I hate sprinting; you're forced to go hard, and then eventually you're going to collapse in exhaustion. Dream Lover is a bit like that.”

Caruso will perform a full band launch show for Dream Lover in Sydney later this month.

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