Sunn O))) and Pelican Bring The Doom Down Under

4 July 2012 | 12:48 pm | Dan Condon

This is going to get awesomely loud.

More Sunn O))) More Sunn O)))

Start stocking up on earplugs and incontinence undergarments because Sunn O))) and Pelican, two of the heaviest and loudest bands around, are coming together for an epic tour of Australia this October.

Sunn O))) initially came together in 1998 when Southern Lord founders Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson formed the band but over the past decade and a half it has sprawled out to become quite an astonishing collaborative metal act that is constantly regarded as being in the absolute highest echelon of doom metal worldwide. They've released a ridiculous number of records and collaborative works in this time and their previous visits to Australia have been met with wide acclaim and sore bodies as they pull some of the most inexplicable dark and heavy sounds from their instruments as they can.

Also adored in Australia are Pelican and they're a band long overdue for an Australian tour. One of post-metal's most interesting and musically diverse acts, their instrumental compositions see them pull from genres as wide as stoner rock, post rock and straight up metal.

Here is Sunn O))) being their eerie, awesome selves.

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Together these bands hit play the following shows. They will be loud; we know we said that already, but we need you to know that we're not joking.