Stand Atlantic Return With Massive New Single, 'kill[her]'

4 February 2023 | 9:55 am | Mary Varvaris
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This one's an earworm, guaranteed to stay in your head for days.

(Pic by Brandon Lung)

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Sydney's Stand Atlantic have returned with their massive new single, kill[her], a song that outlines how self-doubt negatively affects the mind.

The track, penned in a small hotel room in LA, brings big-time energy and is possibly the most angst-infused song by the group to date.

Vocalist Bonnie Fraser commented on the band's first new song of 2023, "self-sabotage is a bitch, self-doubt kills and denying good and genuine parts of yourself because you’ve been conditioned to think they’re not good enough is a form of murder. It's a reminder to myself not to give in to that shit. Personal growth is important but don’t deny who you are. Sometimes I find myself thinking back to who I used to be and missing that person."

Kill[her] arrives just a few months after Stand Atlantic returned home from a huge US headline tour alongside With Confidence and after the release of their third album, F.E.A.R. 

F.E.A.R. was born out of chaos, frustration, and uncertainty. The album is for those who don’t fit the narrative, who see the cracks and exist in between. It serves as a reminder that when you feel expectations are walking you down the wrong path, Fuck Everything and Run

In a live review of Alex Lahey, Stand Atlantic and Jess Day at The Gov in 2019, The Music reviewer Andy Nguyen said about Stand Atlantic's set, "Following up [from Jess Day] was Sydney punk-rock band Stand Atlantic who gave a deadset amazing performance. Whether it was devoted fans belting out the lyrics or newly infatuated bystanders, the whole crowd was completely engrossed, with a couple of ruffians even having a go at crowd surfing. Headphones couldn’t possibly do justice to this kind of music – it's an absolute treat to see these guys live, pumping up the crowd for the main act."

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The Sydney group also opened for New Found Glory in 2017, who "rocked the crowd with their poppy melodies coupled with a fierce delivery, which is illustrated particularly well in Chemicals. Their sound is reminiscent of early Tonight Alive. Stand Atlantic's singer Bonnie Fraser demonstrates the utmost confidence while working the crowd; her old-school, pop-punk vocals are energetic and lively throughout."