Spotify Needed Complete Catalogue Before Launching In Australia

22 May 2012 | 4:26 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

On the day of Spotify's launch into the Australian market, spoke with its local Managing Director, Kate Vale.

Kate Vale

Kate Vale

Spotify finally launched into the Australian and New Zealand markets this morning; the arrival of the world's most renowned music streaming platform undeniably shaking up the market.

One of the Stockholm-based company's biggest selling points is its free ad-supported format, which gives consumers complete access to its 16-million-strong song library. There are paid models that get rid of the ads, increase the sound quality, and allow device syncing, but the majority of users will enter the streaming model at the free level.

Today's launch comes after similar services like Rdio, rara, JB Hi-Fi NOW, and Sony's Music Unlimited have launched, but speaking to at the company's Sydney offices today, Managing Director For Spotify Australia And New Zealand Kate Vale said that missing that first jump was worth it for getting a complete catalogue. "Otherwise it's not good."

The launch had been rumoured and speculated about for months and while Vale was hesitant to reveal exactly what it was they were waiting for, one factor she mentioned was launching with a local app partner, which they have done in the form of triple j today.

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She also enjoyed letting a 'buzz' build around speculation. "We don't want to ruin a surprise, today's been great!" she said. "There's been a lot of talk in the social sphere about us launching and we love that.

"I think there was probably a few people that didn't realise we were launching today, and we've had quite a few phone calls and emails from people who we've either reached out to in the past or just weren't aware of us being here."

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