Spotify Starts Beef With Triple J

29 September 2022 | 1:37 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Can't we all just have some fun for once?

Triple J is currently running Requestival, its annual week of weird and wacky requests

The week sees triple j listeners take full control over the decks, picking out a load of songs to soundtrack the week. The festival is an energetic and fun fuelled week for Aussie music fans as they get to choose what their favourite radio stations plays to thousands of listeners right across the country.

The station makes it clear that "there's no such thing as a bad or too-crazy request" and encourages listeners to go wild with their submissions. It's already lived up to its reputation, with the Round The Twist Theme, John Cena's entrance song The Time Is Now, the Veronicas' Untouched, Bob The Builder's Mambo #5 and many more throwback tracks already broadcasting on the station.

All sounds like a bit of fun right? It's easily one of the most wholesome, entertaining weeks of Australian music radio of the year and it's a super interesting way to get an insight into what the public genuinely wants to hear on radio, meme or not. It's fundamentally different to just throwing a song on in the car as you know that your request will be equally as enjoyed by thousands across the country as you. It's like handing the aux chord to a friend at a party, there's an adrenaline rush to it and it's a totally unique experience.

I wish we all agreed on literally something in the Australian music scene, but Spotify have entered the conversation throwing shade at Triple J. The company Tweeted "If you've enjoyed #Requestival so far, you're going to love this:". Attached is an image of their search function on the streaming service. 

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Spotify doesn't seem to be all that fun at house parties.