Spit Syndicate Says Australia's Drinking Culture Is A Problem

29 March 2016 | 2:34 pm | Staff Writer

"It’s a problem which manifests itself in domestic violence, coward punches..."

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While the debate of the effectiveness of Sydney's lockout laws has been a huge topic as the legislation comes under review, hip hop duo Spit Syndicate have taken a whole new angle on the subject, insisting that Australia's drinking culture is a major problem. 

In a statement posted to Facebook last night, the Sydney rappers said, "Australia needs to have a serious conversation about our drinking culture and our skewed concepts of masculinity entwined with aggression and violence.

"We have a problem. It’s a problem which manifests itself in domestic violence, coward punches, the widening gap between how men and women are treated, paid and valued.

"We’re long overdue to have this conversation. The lockout laws are culturally regressive and overwhelmingly ineffective. Moral panic whipped up by conservatives with the help of the Murdoch press, seized upon by gambling magnates and property developers set to make a killing."

Spit Syndicate also suggested that there are other important issues that need more attention than the city's nightlife. 

"Indigenous disadvantage and the failure of governments/mainstream society to give enough of a fuck to try and fix it, our truly abhorrent treatment of asylum seekers (not to mention our poorer neighbours, such as East Timor), the far right dinosaurs who stymie any attempt to bring Australia’s social policies out of the dark ages, to name a few," the statement reads. 

Check out the full post below. 


Much has been written about the current lock-out situation in our hometown of Sydney and the crippling effect it has had...

Posted by Spit Syndicate on Monday, 28 March 2016