Spiritbox take an ethereal, melodic detour on 'Blessed Be'

28 February 2020 | 1:02 pm | Alex Sievers
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Have I ever told you how much I love Spiritbox?

Spiritbox's profound, prolific output continues with 'Blessed Be.' 

Following their 2018-2019 singles collection EP and their monstrous prog-metalcore beast, 'Rule Of Nines' from November of last year, Canada's Spiritbox have definitely found their formula. Whilst taking on a more ethereal, melodic stance than other songs of theirs, with deeper guitar ambiance, glittering instrumental layers, soft crooning vocals, catchier pop hooks, and looped synths, 'Blessed Be' also isn't a light-weight. Their air-tight, djenty guitars and huge drum grooves still slam down hard, just as they do on the song's filthy if kinda forced breakdown for its heavy-ass bridge section that could topple buildings.

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Written about feeling insecure, doomed relationships, weighty anxiety, lacking serotonin and surviving chemical imbalances, 'Blessed Be' is another interesting reflection on mental health and the self; a personal tune from a band who places these topics right at the forefront of their art. It's simpler and a bit more straight-forward for Spiritbox musically, but here's the thing: it works as it is. 'Blessed Be' didn't need to be some super techy, overly proggy song for it to be good - it still balances catchy and heavy better than most. This adds another engaging, well-rounded composition to the trio's library of stellar material that continually out-classes so many others.

We're unsure if there's another singles collection EP on its way, what with how frequently these guys drop new songs, or if there's even maybe a full-length record set in the pipeline for 2020. But new Spiritbox is never something to turn your nose up at.

Be blessed below with The Handmaid’s Tale-like video: