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Spiritbox Are Teasing New Music Called 'The Fear Of Fear'

23 August 2023 | 10:56 am | Mary Varvaris
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Courtney LaPlante teased, "Everyone will be pleasantly surprised this year" when it comes to new Spiritbox music earlier this year.


Spiritbox (Credit: Jonathan Weiner)

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Next month (17 September) marks two years since Spiritbox released their popular, sometimes divisive alt-metal debut album, Eternal Blue.

Featuring the now-unforgettable string of singles and music videos, Holy Roller, Constance, Circle With Me, Secret Garden, and the eventual fifth single, Hurt You, the album quickly dominated heavy music media.

In June 2022, Spiritbox dropped the Rotoscope EP, which catapulted them to even greater heights.

Earlier this year, they announced that former As I Lay Dying bassist Josh Gilbert had joined the band as a full-time member (previously a touring member) and released their first track since the Rotoscope EP, a softer offering called The Void.

Since April 2023, it’s been relatively quiet from Spiritbox. Until now.

This morning (23 August), the band took to social media and shared a cryptic website and image leading to Anyone who presses the link needs to “pre-save to enter” the rest of the site – leading us to believe that the campaign for album #2 or another EP is heading our way. Will The Void feature on a new album or EP?

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This week, Spiritbox were also added as support acts for Architects’ January and February 2024 European tour dates alongside Loathe.

Speaking in a July 2023 Kerrang! interview, vocalist Courtney LaPlante lamented present-day metal music fans’ obsession with sub-genres – naming a ton of genres and the attempt to pigeonhole Spiritbox.

Also, during the interview, she teased that “everyone will be pleasantly surprised this year” when asked about new music.

“I feel like our subgenre of metal is so obsessed with the idea that any song you hear from a band is a mission statement, as in, ‘This is now what this band sounds like,’” LaPlante said.

Comparing the way metal fans talk about sub-genres to rap, hip-hop and pop fans, she continued, “Maybe it’s like this in every genre, and I just don’t see it as much, but when Doja Cat puts a song out, and she’s singing, [fans] don’t go, ‘She’s never going to rap again!’ 

“I don’t care about genre; I just know we like making heavy music with low-tuned guitars,” she admitted. “But I’m like, ‘Take me or leave me, this is what we sound like.’ I feel like a lot of bands are having fun with that too.”

The Void is the kind of song LaPlante has “been wanting to write for a long time,” she said upon the track’s release. You can re-listen to the single below.