Spacey Jane Drop New Single ‘One Bad Day’ As A Bridge Into Their Next Album Era

11 January 2024 | 1:35 pm | Ellie Robinson

It’s described as “a way to say thank you to fans and scratch an itch of our own before we start rolling out LP3”.

Spacey Jane

Spacey Jane (Credit: Charlie Hardy)

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Spacey Jane have swung through with a vibey new standalone single titled One Bad Day, which they say bridges the gap between their last album, Here Comes Everybody, and its upcoming follow-up.

The track itself is described as “an ode to overreacting [and] giving up on a good thing because you can't see the forest for the trees”, and according to frontman Caleb Harper, it came to be right around the time he and the band finished minting Here Comes Everybody. “[Konstantin Kersting, producer] and I caught up in Brisbane between shows,” he said in a press release, and wanted to build on the past six months of collaboration with no real plan in mind – we sat in his studio for a day and voila!

“We juggled remote recording between Australia and the US, where we've been working on LP3, and finished it up in Brisbane while on tour. To me it feels like it's the perfect bookend for this album cycle, it was too late for Here Comes Everybody and doesn't seem to fit in with our next record. At the same time, we really love the song, we want to see it out in the world and so found it a place in between albums as a way to say thank you to fans and scratch an itch of our own before we start rolling out LP3.”

Here Comes Everybody was released in June of 2022, and marked an enormous rise in fame for Spacey Jane: it debuted at #1 on the ARIA Charts, and fast went on to be certified Gold. The band haven’t formally announced their third album, but it’s expected to arrive sometime later this year, with Kersting returning to co-produce it.

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Reviewing the band’s set at last year’s Grapevine Gathering at the Rochford Wines estate in Victoria, Michael Prebeg wrote that they “[kept their audience] warm with their feel-good anthems and a vibrant stage presence”. He continued: “Their atmospheric sound calms the audience with their catchy tunes for everyone to sing along at the top of their voices whilst swaying along in harmony.”