Why Are There Vans With Free Ice Cream Driving Around Melbourne?

4 March 2022 | 9:51 am | Staff Writer

They are attracting kids, but it's not creepy.

More Barkaa More Barkaa

Ice cream vans have been mysteriously pulling up around Melbourne handing out free loot to punters across the city. Yes, they are trying to lure in kids, but it's not creepy... it's marketing genius from DJ, designer and activist Soju Gang to promote the massive SorBaes event at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Sundae (see what they did there?), March 13.

The trucks have been cruising Melbourne's suburbs with lucky punters getting a cool treat and a nod to check out the festival, which itself is an all-ages day of music for less than the cost of three ice creams ($15 in adult currency). 

Soju Gang has curated a massive line-up at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl including Barkaa, Jerome Farah, Kira Puru and heaps more, creating a killer day of live music. 

"I’m so grateful, for not only the opportunity to once again share some of the amazing talent we have here in this city and country, but to also have such an amazing group of creatives to be apart of this with me," Soju Gang said. "Each person on this line-up has continued to do amazing things, not just for their respective scenes, but for their communities. This event isn’t a show - it’s an experience. One I hope opens you up to not only getting your ass down to more local gigs, but to new sounds and genres that exist right here"

Photo: Jacinta Keefe$2 from every ticket sold will be donated by Arts Centre Melbourne to the Dhadjowa Foundation, a charity that supports and amplifies the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families with loved ones that have died in custody.

So now the bit you've been waiting for.... where's the next place the truck will show up for some free Mr Whippy? You can head on down to the SorBaes warmup party this Saturday at Club YoYo. Grab 'em before they melt!

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