Snoop Dogg Reveals What He Meant By 'Giving Up Smoke'

21 November 2023 | 8:55 am | Mary Varvaris

Snoop Dogg participated in the best marketing campaign of the year.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg (Source: Supplied)

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Snoop Dogg fooled us all – of course, he isn’t “giving up smoke” in the sense we thought – quitting the smoking of cannabis. Of course, there was something else at play.

The Drop It Like It’s Hot rapper threw fans and the internet into a frenzy last week when he tweeted, “After much consideration & conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke”. But he never meant his smoking habit. Today, Dogg revealed that he was promoting a new smokeless stove.

Sharing a new video that details his promotional strategy behind the latest deal he’s struck up with the Solo Stove smokeless fire pit, Dogg said in a satirical video, “I know what you thinking, ‘Snoop, smoke is kind of your whole thing.’ But I’m done with it, done with the coughing and my clothes smelling all sticky icky.

“I’m going smokeless — Solo Stove fixed fire. They take out the smoke. Clever.” At the end of the video, Dogg shows how much fun he had asking for “privacy” when he roasts some marshmallows over the new contraption. You can watch the video below.

The comment section on Dogg’s Instagram video is packed with incredulous fans, with one person writing, “Damn. Shit worked. This is how you do viral co-branded marketing right.” Another wrote, “GORILLA MARKETING AT ITS FINEST! I’m buying one just because of the way you lead us to this‼️” While another user, relieved that Dogg is participating in a marketing campaign, added, “Thank god this is an ad I thought the world was ending lol”.

Last December, Snoop Dogg revealed that the highest he’s ever been was when he smoked weed with Willie Nelson. “We was in Amsterdam on 4/20, and he was doing a concert out there. So, we went back to his hotel room, and we was playing dominoes,” Snoop Dogg began his explanation on the Let’s Go! podcast.

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The rapper continued, “Me and him were playing dominoes one-on-one. He (was) whooping my ass, and I’m just getting higher and higher and higher.”

He then exclaimed that the 89-year-old country music icon was out smoking him: “He just keep passing it (the joint) to me, and I’m like, ‘This old motherfucker out smoking me’.”