Skid Row Singer Erik Grönwall Departs, Halestorm's Lzzy Hale Announced As Temporary Vocalist

29 March 2024 | 12:00 pm | Mary Varvaris

Erik Grönwall is immunocompromised following leukemia treatment and struggles with life on the road. Lzzy Hale will sing at four shows.

Skid Row, Halestorm

Skid Row, Halestorm (Source: Supplied)

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Erik Grönwall, the Swedish singer who’s performed with Skid Row since early 2022, has made a “tough decision” and left the band, citing health concerns.

It’s an amicable split between Grönwall and his bandmates, who “wish nothing but the best” for him and his health. However, Skid Row have another four US dates booked, and need a singer to take over, which is where Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale comes in.

In a joint statement, Grönwall wrote that the rigorous nature of being in a full-time touring band is too much to keep up with when he’s immunocompromised following treatment against leukemia.

Here’s what Grönwall had to say about his departure:

I got the opportunity to join this incredible band six months after my treatment against leukemia. And one month after that, I was on a world tour with Skid f**** Row. Wow! It was a dream come true. However, it proved challenging touring the world with an impaired immune system, which is a result of my bone marrow transplant.

I respect and understand that Skid Row is a touring band, but since I can’t prioritize [sic] my health being in the band, I have decided that it’s better for me to step aside.

I love Skid Row, I have nothing but respect for the guys in the band but I love and respect my health more. I’m getting stronger and healthier every day but after consulting my doctor I need to allow myself more time to recover, which I can’t do as the lead singer of Skid Row. That’s why I have reached the tough decision to move on.

I want to thank the guys for this incredible opportunity. And I want to thank all the Skid Row fans who accepted me as the lead singer of this iconic band. Health first!

Skid Row also noted that they were proud of everything they had accomplished with Grönwall—together, they released the album The Gang’s All Here in October 2022—and to honour Grönwall, the band plans to release a live album with him on vocals.

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Lzzy Hale will join Skid Row in Illinois on 17 May, followed by 18 May in Iowa, 31 May in Nevada, and 1 June in California.

In response to her new role, Hale wrote on Instagram, “I’m stepping in for a few dates as the lead singer of Skid Row! What an honor [sic] to call them my friends and a privilege to be sharing the stage with them! Erik, I wish you all the magic on your next adventure.

“Now… which leather pants to wear?!!”