Six Aussie Acts Who Are Just Brilliant On Twitter

21 March 2016 | 3:36 pm | Staff Writer

"Hey guys what the fuck are we going to do about this trump situation pretty pumped about moving to Mars."

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Twitter is celebrating its tenth anniversary today and to celebrate the milestone, we put together some Aussie acts who just know how to use the social media handle in the best way possible.

While local artists such as Troye Sivan, Cody Simpson and all of the 5 Seconds Of Summer boys have followings well into the millions, the six acts below prove that quality can sometimes be better than quantity. 

Whether it's to raise important issues or simply to bring the funny, these musicians have tweeted out some brilliant stuff. 

Check out some of the genius tweets posted recently below.

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chet faker (84.3K followers)

He may appear to be quite the brooding artist, but Victorian songwriter Chet Faker is actually pretty damn funny. As his Twitter blurb reads, "unnoficial fan account *parody* no way affiliated with Chet Faker." Good one, Chet.

frenzal rhomb (8K+ followers)

Sometimes you get the feeling Twitter was invented for bands like Frenzal Rhomb. If you're having a bad day, maybe you should check their page out, or even tweet them. You may even get a response. Or not. Either way, you'll probably get a laugh out of it. 

thelma plum (3k+ followers)

Indigenous singer Thelma Plum is one of those artists who can use her Twitter handle to make you laugh, or make you think. Her recent take-down of two clowns who thought it'd be funny to dress in blackface for a party is a pretty good example of that and probably already an inclusion for best tweets of 2016.

phil jamieson (15.5k followers)

Aussie legend and Grinspoon frontman Phil Jamieson is another artist who doesn't like to take himself too seriously. Plus, he admitted he is a Bieber fan. Talk about shock value. 

megan washington (38.7 FOLLOWERS)

A simple Twitter search for Megan Washington will tell you that she is aspirations to marry Kendrick Lamar and that she misses Myspace. That will do for us.

urthboy (17.5k followers)

Urthboy is another example of one of those artists who can find that balance between making a point or just having a laugh. And anyone that uses their social media to deter people from voting for Donald Trump is a hero in our books.