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SINGLE PREMIERE: AnnaLina – ‘It's Seasonal’

20 November 2020 | 8:39 am | Dan Cribb

"It feels so good to finally have this song out."

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An acclaimed vocal arranger and writer, Sydney artist AnnaLina today reveals her debut solo single.

Premiering via The Music, It’s Seasonal sees the local talent pair classic RnB with modern production flair for a deeply personal track.

"It feels so good to finally have this song out,” AnnaLina told The Music.

“I wrote it in 2018 with my boyfriend at the time while I was in a weird place musically, wrought with overthinking. But when we sat down to write this it felt like the easiest thing in the world and I knew I wanted to release it one day.

“I’m so excited for people to hear it but also for myself that I’m finally ready to share a piece of myself with whoever is willing to listen."

Check out It’s Seasonal below.

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