Trent Reznor Approves ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Nine Inch Nails Cover For Release

2 April 2020 | 6:48 pm | Staff Writer


Fans of hit comedy series Schitt’s Creek were treated to a passing Nine Inch Nails joke in an episode of season five last year, but, as it turns out, the gag went a fair bit deeper than the original cut suggested.

In 2019 episode The Plant, there’s a transition to a scene where Moira Rose (portrayed by Catherine O'Hara) is conducting a practice session with a cappella group Jazzagals and she makes a joke that insinuates they’ve just finished practising Nine Inch Nails’ Closer.

Well, as co-creator Dan Levy has now revealed, they did indeed film a performance of the song AND Trent Reznor has approved the clip for release, which you can check out below.

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Created by Dan and Eugene Levy, who also star in the show alongside Sarah Levy, Schitt’s Creek’s sixth and final season is currently airing in the US and will hit Netflix this May.

The cast of Schitt’s Creek have been hosting regular live events via Instagram all week to raise funds for those in Canada and the US affected by coronavirus.