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Say Anything To Re-Release Breakthrough Album As Acoustic LP

2 October 2014 | 5:20 pm | Staff Writer

No guarantees on an Aussie release, though

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The frontman of Australia-bound indie-rock mainstays Say Anything, Max Bemis, has announced that he will be re-issuing his breakthrough full-length album, ...Is A Real Boy, as an acoustic record as part of its tenth-anniversary celebrations. 

The band are about to embark on a mammoth tour of the United States with fellow scene icons Saves The Day, with both outfits celebrating a decade passing since their respective breakthroughs, ...Is A Real Boy and Through Being Cool, by playing both in full. Fellow early-'00s mainstays Reggie & The Full Effect are also along for the ride, playing their similarly incendiary Under The Tray LP in its entirety, because America gets all the nice things. 

Say Anything and Saves The Day have been generous with fans so far, with frontmen Max Bemis and Chris Conley each releasing a cover of a song by the other (Bemis covered You Vandal, Conley reworked Belt), and rumblings even being put forward that Bemis would release an acoustic re-interpretation of Saves The Day's breakthrough.

However, it now looks as though (some) fans will get what they've been asking for all along instead, with Bemis revealing via Twitter that, rather than reworking Through Being Cool with the blessing of Saves The Day, he'll be re-issuing ...Is A Real Boy acoustically instead.

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As Bemis intimates in his tweets, it looks as though the 10-year anniversary acoustic reissue of ...Is A Real Boy will be a pretty limited release, so unless you've got some American friends and/or family upon whom you can call to secure your copy, you may have to look on enviously. Or maybe hit Bemis up on Twitter to expand the release. Power to the people!

Enjoy some (non-acoustic) ...Is A Real Boy to ease the FOMO you're no doubt experiencing right about... now.

Say Anything released their sixth studio full-length, Hebrews, in June this year, via Equal Vision Records. Labelmates Saves the Day dropped their most recent, self-titled, album last September.