Ronnie Radke Banned From TikTok, Shadowbanned From Twitter After Making Transphobic Comments

31 July 2023 | 12:14 pm | Staff Writer
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According to Ronnie Radke, "America has fallen".

Falling In Reverse @ Good Things Festival Brisbane

Falling In Reverse @ Good Things Festival Brisbane (Credit: Terry Soo)

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Ronnie Radke has gone and gotten himself banned on TikTok and reportedly shadow-banned on Twitter/X (meaning that he can still tweet, but his profile can’t be found if you search on the app) after going on an anti-trans tirade.

The tweets began on 26 July after the Falling In Reverse singer’s TikTok account was apparently banned.

“Imagine getting your tik tok deleted, or losing your job or alienated for saying that a trans woman can’t have a period, you all have mothers and sisters and wives and girlfriends and know damn well the struggles of being a born women and the pain of endometriosis etc and have the audacity to try and silence or censor the reality. BULLSHIT,” he wrote.

Radke continued his rant by posting a screenshot of trans woman Dylan Mulvaney holding a box of Tampax tampons and claimed that she was a spokesperson for the company, which has proven to be false.

Another tweet included a joke about pronouns, with the vocalist saying he’d change the lyrics to I’m Not A Vampire from “I feel like a lady that is pregnant with a baby” to “I feel like a birthing person that is pregnant with a person who’s been birthed.”

He went on another transphobic rant, accusing trans-activists of “brainwashing”, accusing them of an “agenda” that includes “confusion of American kids” and “divide and conquer”.

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Things got worse when he brought race into it, writing that he now identifies as a black man and wants his reparations. Radke currently calls himself Michael Jackson on Twitter and mocks users who put pronouns on their profiles in his bio.

A fan then shared screenshots of the Twitter/X search function, where Radke’s profile wasn’t coming up (30 July), effectively making the singer shadow-banned on the platform. “I am shadow banned. freedom of speech is dead, America has fallen,” he wrote in reaction.

Radke’s comments follow Spiritbox departing from a tour with Falling In Reverse earlier this year after Courtney LaPlante, who has previously commented against abuse in the music scene, received criticism for being on a bill with Radke.

Speculation about the band’s drop-off was linked to Radke’s checkered past of allegations - from violent incidents, sexual harassment, and homophobic and transphobic comments, among other issues. 

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