Rolling Stone's '100 Greatest Metal Songs Of All Time' Only Includes One Track From The 2010s

14 March 2023 | 2:37 pm | Staff Writer
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Can you guess what song the publication landed on?

(Pic by Tony Mott)

Yesterday, Rolling Stone unveiled its 100 Greatest Metal Songs Of All Time list. Like its The 200 Greatest Singers Of All Time list shared earlier this year, this one has also already started ruffling some feathers.

As Loudwire reports, there are only two songs post-2005 on Rolling Stone’s Greatest Metal Songs Of All Time list, one of which is the sole track from the 2010s. Can you guess what the song choices are?

Power Trip's thrash metal banger, Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe) from their 2017 album Nightmare Logic was the lone entry from the last decade, landing at #98 on the list. 

The music magazine noted, “Everything about Power Trip screamed throwback — from their tasteful marriage of hardcore and thrash, building on the golden era of so-called “crossover,” right down to their 1987-style album-cover font. But their compositional smarts and ferociously intense delivery combined to create a true new-school anthem with Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe), the standout from their 2017 LP, Nightmare Logic.

The other song featured post-2005 is Meshuggah’s Bleed, released in 2008, crashing in at #41 on the list. 

We have plenty of suggestions for Rolling Stone - and we’re curious about yours - you have Wild Eyes by Parkway Drive right there - a stadium and Wacken classic already. And Holy Roller by Spiritbox. Or Bloodline by Northlane. Or Rammstein’s Deutchsland

How about Solway Firth by Slipknot? 7empest by Tool? Zeal & Ardor’s Gravedigger’s Chant

Hell, even some of the metalcore stuff like Shadow Moses by Bring Me The Horizon or Pisces by Jinjer would’ve been cool. 

Or Storytime by Nightwish, Honeycomb by Deafheaven, Chelsea Wolfe’s 16 Psyche, Blow Your Trumpets, Gabriel by Behemoth, or The Remedy by Polaris? So many options!

However, as Loudwire notes, Rolling Stone doesn’t completely discount music from the 2000s - System Of A Down’s 2001 smash-hit Chop Suey landed at #37. 

Evanescence's Bring Me to Life got to #43, Godflesh's Slateman at #51, Opeth's Deliverance at #52, Slipknot's People = Shit at #60, Arch Enemy's We Will Rise at #61, Gojira's Flying Whales at #70, Mastodon's Blood and Thunder at #71, Converge's Concubine at #78 and Kittie's Spit at #82.

A majority of Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Metal Songs Of All Time pays respect to the biggest icons of the genre, from Iron Maiden to Black Sabbath to Metallica to Judas Priest, Slayer, and many more. We just think that newer artists deserve a fairer shake in these countdowns. Check out the full countdown here.