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Rolling Stone Editor Smacks Down Sinead O'Connor's Attack On Magazine

15 July 2015 | 1:46 pm | Staff Writer

Taking on the haters.

Editor of Rolling Stone Australia Matthew Coyte has today responded to Irish singer Sinead O'Connor's online rant against the publication, in which she lashed out at the magazine for having reality star Kim Kardashian on the cover. 

The songwriter called Kardashian a "cunt" and declared that "music is dead" because of Rolling Stone and finished the Facebook post with the hashtag, #BoycottRollingStone. 

However Coyte responded just hours later on his own Facebook account and responded to the "naysayers" who supported O'Connor's comments.

"Reading through the comments on this thread I would suggest that none of these naysayers have bought or even read Rolling Stone in years," he wrote. 

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"Which leads me to wonder why they feel qualified to voice an opinion on its content or musical relevance? ? I also find it ironic that no matter how much the music industry decries the negative impact that digital has had on their industry, the majority never hesitate to stick in the boot when it comes to another struggling format – print media."

Coyte finished the post by targeting musicians who were also upset by the music magazine's move to feature Kardashian on the cover. 

"Maybe musicians should spend less time whining about the Kardashians (who by the way, just make up for the shortfall in sales since you stopped buying magazines) and more time reading articles that aren't written in 140 characters or less."

Check out his full response here