Remember Darren Hayes Saying How Much He Loved Cub Sport? Now They've Done A Song Together

17 October 2019 | 8:55 am | Staff Writer

The song is out today.

Earlier this year, Darren Hayes dropped by Cub Sport's show in Los Angeles, later taking to Twitter to praise the Brisbane four-piece. 

"Felt like I was having one of those 'I was there when..' moments, seeing this clearly stadium energy sized (and talented) band in a venue they'll never play that small again," Hayes wrote.

"[Frontman Tim Nelson] reminds me of Michael Hutchence and an actual archangel. [Vocalist/keyboardist Sam Netterfield] is magical."

Fast forward a few months and now Hayes has joined Cub Sport for a guest appearance their new track, I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life, after Nelson asked Hayes to feature on it following their LA meeting. 

I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life is a song about happy crying," said Nelson of the track. 

"I remember being at home and looking over at Bolan, Miss and Eve on the couch - they all looked so beautiful and happy and I was filled with so much gratitude and happiness and pride for how far we’d come and how many obstacles we’d overcome to get to that point."

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Hayes was so keen to be involved in the project that he had recorded and sent back his part to the band within 72 hours of receiving the track.

"I’ve been of a fan of Cub Sport since I first heard Come On Mess Me Up," said Hayes. "At the time, I didn’t realise they were Australian, let alone from my home town. I just loved the songs, Tim’s voice, the production."

"A few weeks ago, I got a text from Tim asking if I wanted to be involved in I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life. I listened to the song, and literally burst into tears of joy. I responded immediately saying yes. Tim was so generous, he offered me the opportunity to contribute in whatever way I wanted - whether that meant writing my own verse or doing a different take on it.

"But when I first I heard the song, it was perfect, and I knew all I had to do was sing the song the way it had been written. That’s how it came about.

"I’ve never really been someone who works with other artists, nor have I ever really found an artist who I thought made sense with my voice and my writing style, but there was something very magical and serendipitous about my being invited to be a part of this single. It feels like it was meant to be." 

The track has been released on Spirit Day and also sees the group selling T-shirts to raise money for GLAAD, which works to support LGBTQIA+ youth.

"I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life is coming out on Spirit Day (against LGBT bullying and youth suicide) and I hope it can bring hope and light to anyone who’s going through it right now," said Nelson.

"I spent so many years of my life feeling like I’d always have to hide, letting the horrible things people would say push me further and further from being my authentic self. I know how it feels to want to be somebody other than yourself but this song is proof that you can make it to the other side. You are who you are for a reason and you’re deserving of love and happiness. Hang in there, I promise you it gets better." 

Pick up Cub Sport's Spirit Tee here and check out the track above. Cub Sport are set to appear at festival's over the summer, head to theGuide for all the info.