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Outraged Artists Fight Back Against Religious Discrimination Bill

10 February 2022 | 3:04 pm | Staff Writer

“Be who you are, and love and be loved for it.”

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Aussie artists have taken to the streets and social media to protest the recently shelved Religious Discrimination Bill that passed in The House of Representatives early this morning. The bill, that now sits indefinitely on hold, would allow schools the right to discriminate against trans students and teachers on religious grounds.

The legendary Darren Hayes as well as Meanjin/Brisbane icons Cub Sport and Hope D have reached out to their followings, speaking up against the impending bill. While Cub Sport members Tim Nelson and Sam Netterfield have been urging fans to join them in attending the Kill The Bill protests, they have also been encouraging others to sign a current petition on attempting to stop the bill from further advancements.

Rising indie-rock favourite Hope D has today posted a series of heartfelt messages on Instagram amidst the progression of the transphobic legislation while reposting a statement made by Sage Akouri, Co-founder and CEO of non-for-profit LGBTQIA+ organisation Speak. Hope D writes: “Without people’s brave individuality, we would all be blank canvasses walking around with oppression and no love or creativity.”

“Be who you are, and love and be loved for it.”

Savage Garden frontman Darren Hayes has also shown his support to abolishing the bill, shedding the spotlight on Equality Australia’s ‘Oppose The Religious Discrimination Bill’ campaign featuring Olympian Ian Thorpe, professional basketballer Lauren Jackson, and author Benjamin Law.

Other artists that have been spreading content opposing the bill on their platforms include Alex The Astronaut and Hallie, as well as comedian Rosie Piper.