Shock's Parent Company Launches Film Distribution Arm

5 June 2012 | 10:23 am | Scott Fitzsimons

Regency Entertainment launch a "dedicated and fully resourced" distribution division.

Regency Entertainment have today launched Regency Film Distribution, a "dedicated and fully resourced" division that will service independent films to cinemas around Australia and New Zealand.

The new arm will be headed by Ivan Vukusic, who is promoted from Shock (owned by Regency) where he was the Film and TV Sales Manager. It launches with theatrical titles such as Loveand documentaries Roman Polanski: A Film Memoirand Anton Corbin Inside Out.

Today Scot Crawford, Regency Entertainment's General Manager (and fellow Shock graduate), said, "Given the structure of Regency Entertainment and the relationships we have built with production houses through our Home Entertainment Business, it is only natural we diversify to take on the entry point market of visual content."

He added, “The way the public experience visual media is constantly evolving and now is the perfect time for our creative company to expand its footprint within the Australian and New Zealand markets.”

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