Details Of First Album In 15 Years

13 July 2012 | 10:44 am | Celline Narinli

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Researching The Blues will be the new album from Redd Kross, their first in a whopping 15 years. The record, which is to be the band's seventh, will be out on Friday 10 August via Shock Records.

Drenched in the band's signature brand of genuine rock'n'roll, the album will feature 10 new songs (tracklist below). Clocking in just under 32 minutes, Researching The Blues was written by Jeff McDonald and produced by his brother/bandmate Steven McDonald.

Redd Kross first came into existence 34 years ago in Los Angeles amidst the first wave of LA punk rock and quickly made a name for themselves with their six albums including Neurotica, Third Eye, Phaseshifter.

Album art for Researching The Blues has also been revealed.

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Tracklist for Researching The Blues:

1. Researching The Blues
2. Stay Away From Downtown
3. Uglier
4. Dracula's Daughters
5. Meet Frankenstein
6. One Of The Good Ones
7. The Nu Temptations
8. Choose To Play
9. Winter Blues
10. Hazel Eyes