Rammstein Tease 'Sehnsucht' Anniversary Edition

17 April 2023 | 4:31 pm | Mary Varvaris
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Featuring hits such as Engel, Du Hast, and Bück Dich, Sehnsucht represents Rammstein at their catchiest but also vocalist Till Lindemann at his most terrifying.

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Sehnsucht, Rammstein’s second album and the first record to be sung entirely in German to be certified platinum in the US, is getting a special Anniversary Edition; the band teased on social media.

Officially released in August 1997, 2023 marks the 26th anniversary of the album that brought the German industrial metal band to the mainstream. Featuring hits such as Engel, Du Hast, and Bück Dich, Sehnsucht represents Rammstein at their catchiest but also vocalist Till Lindemann at his most terrifying.

Why a 26-year anniversary? Well, last year, the beloved rockers were promoting their eighth studio album, Zeit, which was released last April. 

From the teaser shared on social media, we hope that there’s more behind-the-scenes footage of the band playing Sehnsucht in the studio, some B-sides and demos, and a celebration of the album that pushed Du Hast into the Matrix soundtrack.

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In a 4.5-star review of the album on SputnikMusic, writer Simon K commented, “Richard [Kruspe, lead guitar] had a vision to create a band that blended heavy guitars with the sound of machines, and that’s exactly what he got with Rammstein's sophomore release. 

"The album feels unhinged, cold and mechanical, but has a wild energy and life to it. Probably the most difficult release to get into from the band's discography, but if you stick with it you’ll be rewarded the most from it.”

You can listen to Sehnsucht here.

Dropping the single Zick Zack - or ZigZag in English - before Zeit was released, the clip is about as bonkers as Rammstein music videos get (well, within reason, they have literally released pornography previously). 

In terms of the music - It's not going to disappoint Rammstein fans - it's very much within the bounds of what you'd expect from Rammstein, but if you weren't already on board, it's probably more of the same to you. Regardless, Rammstein continue to punch out tracks that the back row of stadiums would feel deep down to their stomachs. And they've been doing that since the 90s.