Rammstein Reveal 'Sehnsucht' Anniversary Edition Vinyl, Cassette & More Merch

18 April 2023 | 6:50 pm | Mary Varvaris
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All items are now available to pre-order from the band's website.

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After teasing the emergence of a Sehnsucht anniversary edition earlier this week, Rammstein have unveiled the fresh edition of the album that spawned the hits Engel, Du Hast and Bück Dich.

A band statement reads, “Rammstein's iconic 1997 studio album featuring Du Hast and Engel is back on June 9, 2023, as the "Sehnsucht Anniversary Edition"! 

“Elaborately reworked artwork including unpublished photos of the band by Gottfried Helnwein and a newly-mixed version of Spiel Mit Mir. Pre-order your copy on CD, white or black double-vinyl or MC at sehnsucht.rammstein.com!” T-shirts and a hoodie are also available for pre-order.

Officially released in August 1997, 2023 marks the 26th anniversary of the album that brought the German industrial metal band to the mainstream. Sehnsucht represents Rammstein at their catchiest but also vocalist Till Lindemann at his most terrifying.

Play the chords of Engel on a pop-up digital keyboard on the website above, or go here to see all the merch available. Members of the Rammstein online community can purchase merchandise at reduced prices.

In a 4.5-star review of the album on SputnikMusic, writer Simon K commented about the album, “Richard [Kruspe, lead guitar] had a vision to create a band that blended heavy guitars with the sound of machines, and that’s exactly what he got with Rammstein's sophomore release. 

"The album feels unhinged, cold and mechanical, but has a wild energy and life to it. Probably the most difficult release to get into from the band's discography, but if you stick with it you’ll be rewarded the most from it.”

Even cooler, the band also have limited personalised postcards up for grabs. Their website says that until 27 May 2023, anyone who pre-orders the Sehnsucht Anniversary Edition has the chance to gain a limited, personalised Sehnsucht postcard, including a Rammstein stamp, sent to your address anywhere in the world for €2. 

You can add the postcard to your shopping cart - it’s only available in the Rammstein shop.