Rammstein Respond To Allegations Of Spiking Fan's Drinks At Recent Pre-gig Party

30 May 2023 | 10:37 am | Mary Varvaris
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The band has denied all allegations.

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Photo of Rammstein (Credit: Jens Koch)

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A woman named Shelby Lynn has recently posted to Twitter and Instagram and claimed that she was invited to one of Rammstein’s pre-concert parties in Lithuania. She alleged that her two drinks were spiked, and angered lead singer Till Lindemann when she denied having sex with him. The band has denied all allegations.

In a long Twitter thread, Lynn alleged that her drinks were drugged at a ‘pre-party’ she attended with the band at Vingis Park, Lithuania, on 22 May 2023. She claims that she was left vomiting and bruised for 24 hours afterwards.

Lynn says she was chosen by Joe Letz – drummer in Lindemann, the singer’s side project; to attend the pre-party. She alleged that after drinking a “small Red Bull/vodka and a Prosecco” and a shot of Tequila, she then felt “like a human zombie, singing, dancing, but also stumbling tripping.”

Lynn claimed that Lindemann asked her for sex and when she said no, he was furious and stormed off.

In her Instagram Highlights, Lynn shared videos from during the party and 7 am the following morning, looking confused. She also shared a photo of her invite to the party.

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She wrote about the rest of the night, claiming that she suffered from memory loss and vomiting. After returning to her hotel room, Lynn shared photographs of physical bruising and said that she didn’t know where the bruises came from. She did not mention the name of who allegedly spiked her drinks.

Again posting on Twitter, Lynn wrote this morning, “I’d like to clarify again. Till did NOT touch me. He accepted I did not want to have sex with him. I never claimed he raped me. Please read the entire Twitter thread for full context before making reports.”

According to Reddit reports, these parties are notoriously secretive – phones are strictly forbidden.

The band has responded to the allegations. At the time of writing, no police charges have been filed. However, German journalists Daniel Drepper and Lena Kampf are “already investigating.”

“With regard to the allegations circulating on the internet about Vilnius, we can rule out the possibility that what is being claimed took place in our environment,” Rammstein wrote on Twitter yesterday (29 May). “We are not aware of any official investigations into this matter.”