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Rage To Release New 7", 'Feel The Burn' On September 8th

16 August 2017 | 3:50 pm | Alex Sievers
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No, it's probably not a Bernie Sanders endorsement.

No, it's not probably a Bernie Sanders endorsement. 

Originally conceived as a mere means to fill in their spare time between being legends and their other bands slowing down, Newcastle hardcore punk act Rage formed back in mid02016 and wasted little time in getting to work. After knocking out a couple rehearsals, a couple of live shows, and in dropping a well-received demo tape, they got their foot in the door and then some. Since said demo tape's release, Rage have been piecing further 90's-sounding hardcore tunes together behind-the-scenes whilst also playing shows with a wide range of Australian and international bands on both a local and interstate. And we're now all starting to see that new music come to fruition with 'Control'.

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Featured on the quintet's forthcoming release, 'Feel The Burn', Rage have aimed to deliver five cuts ('Control' included) of fast and furious hardcore punk, influenced by the 80's and 90's hardcore greats; whether they be British, America or Aussie groups. Initial production for this new record was handled by Blake Ohlback (ChokeHomesick) and the record was then mixed by Chris Corry (No ToleranceThe Rival Mob) before being mastered by Dan Randall (86 MentalityThe Flex).

Pre-order 'Feel The Burn' here for a measly $5 before the five-track EP drops on September 8th via Resist Records, where there are also some fancy vinyl variants on offer.

Check out 'Control' below and get caught up in a mosh!

Speaking of this band's name, do any of you remember that old PS3/Xbox 360 first-person shooter, Rage? God, that was a solid shooter! Even though it had a fucking awful and abrupt ending and had a pretty weak plot all up.