Prince Pranked On Breakfast Radio

30 May 2012 | 3:29 pm | Dan Condon

Prince’s backing dancer Damaris Lewis has sprung a surprise on her pop star boss by calling his hotel room while live on Melbourne radio this morning.

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No one gets to interview Prince, it's something that ought to be taught in the first year of Journalism colleges across the planet. Australia's most prevalent media man Eddie McGuire wasn't willing to settle for that though, and, thanks to back up dancer Damaris Lewis, has secured some time on the phone with the reclusive pop icon.

On this morning's The Hot Breakfast show, which McGuire hosts with Mick Molloy and Luke Darcy, Lewis called through to Prince's hotel room and woke the star who was enjoying some rare sleep.

A reserved Prince doesn't seem overjoyed with the call, but plays along for a few minutes, joking with Lewis and answering the usual banal questions from the hosts in good humour.

“Have you been drinking coffee?” Prince asks in an almost accusatory tone early in the conversation. “Where are you? Why are those people laughing?” he says later. “I think everybody's been drinking.”

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They discuss his tour, which Prince says has been his favourite to date, his jet and Lewis herself.

“That's the way she looks with a lot of work, we shaved her down…” Prince quips.

One very bizarre moment comes when speaking about the jet, Lewis brings up UFOs. Prince very quickly responds.

“Um, Damaris,” he says sternly. “There's no such thing as UFOs.”

After five minutes on the line the legendary musician hangs up abruptly.

Listen to the full interview, courtesy of Triple M, here:

At least he wasn't left waiting by the phone like fellow recent Australian visitor Kevin Smith was...