Recording Where Bowie Did & Finding The Best Catering: Press Club Share Their Tour Diary

17 May 2019 | 10:04 am | Press Club

Press Club have just wrapped their first-ever international tour, which saw them play some 30 shows across the continent. Here, they share their tour diary of the trip.

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We had the privilege of being invited to the historic BBC Maida Vale Studios in London to record a live session. 

It was a surreal experience to be recording in the same studios that has hosted The Beatles, David Bowie, The Fall, David Bowie and David Bowie amongst a stack of other bands we grew up listening to. 

Also, David Bowie once recorded there.

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The best tour bus in the Northern Hemisphere i.e our home for 4 1⁄2 weeks 

When you spend 78 hours a week together in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter there’s nothing you like the idea of more than sitting on a moss-covered stone wall in two degrees to take a picture to prove to your mothers that you aren’t in fact dead.

Checking out the Berlin Wall with our amazing manager Danae and tour manager Sam. Danae is honestly the 5th member of Press Club, and easily the hardest working member of the team. Sam is a dead set geezer, part driver, tour guide, war historian, hype man, all around legend.

Playing Groezrock Festival in Meerhout, Belgium was a total highlight. It’s one of the largest European rock festivals. We set it off with a tent full of punters, no barriers, and the crowd went proper H.A.M. Sweaty, messy fun. 

Catering at Groezrock was second to none. You don’t see premium eye fillet on too many festival riders. 

Scrubbing off one million dead bugs from the miles covered off between England and Germany. Crossing under the English Channel was a spin out, in a van, on a train, under the water. It’s kinda like the Turducken* equivalent of international travel.  

 *apologies in advance for when you inevitably Google what a Turducken is.

Buckfast brought out the devil in all of us. Hail Satan.

Press Club are set to play shows in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne throughout May and June. Head to theGuide for all the info on dates and venues.