Polaris Slam 'Abhorrent' Behaviour By Punters Following Sydney Show

29 February 2020 | 11:51 am | Jessica DaleNeil Griffiths

"This is so awful and upsetting to hear."

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Polaris have condemned the behaviour of some punters who attended their show in Sydney last night. 

Sydney musician Brendan Maclean tagged the group in a post on Twitter today, writing, "your fans at Sydney Enmore walked to the bar next door and spat on the drag queens and called them 'disgusting creatures'". 

Polaris have since responded, saying, "This is so awful and upsetting to hear." See the posts below.

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Polaris have now condemned the behaviour in a separate post, calling the actions "abhorrent". 

"To anyone who behaves like this: Do not come to our shows. Do not wear our merch. You are not welcome where we play and we don’t want you in our community." See the rest of the statement below. 

The band continue their tour with a show in Brisbane tonight.