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Piknic Electronik Announces Huge Line-up For Fifth Season In Melbourne

9 October 2018 | 4:48 pm | Staff Writer

Summer is looking mighty fine.

More T-Rek More T-Rek

Piknic Electronik has today announced it will be returning for another huge summer season!

For its summer 2018/19 season, Piknic Electronik will host electronic music events on Sundays, this time moving to the grounds of Melbourne's iconic Sidney Myer Music Bowl. 

The season will run from 25 November to 24 February and this time 'round Piknic Electronik will also be hosting a brand new New Year's Day event dubbed The First. 

This year will see 15 international acts visit for the season, including Denis Horvat, Woo York, Marcel Fengler and Fumiya Tanaka, along with a slew of local talent.

"The whole team is really excited about this season of Piknic Électronik Melbourne. We’re moving back to, what we feel is, the best site location we have used for the event - South Side at Sidney Myer Music Bowl," said Damien Kease of Hardware Group who organise the event.

"With some changes to sound and staging we think this will be the year Piknic really settles into its home. In addition to that our season is starting much earlier, running from November through until February, it’s a great time of year in Melbourne which will hopefully mean more weeks of excellent weather. 

"Musically we have a really strong list of Australian artists playing headline sets, which speaks to the amazing talent we have in this city. We have a couple of big artist surprises up our sleeves for later in the season too which we can’t wait to reveal."

Check out the full line-up below and head to theGuide for more info on dates and tickets.

Piknic Electronik 2018/19 Season

25th November- Piknic Electronik Melbourne #1
Nite Fleit, Mall Grab, Loods, Pelvis 

2nd December - Piknic Electronik Melbourne #2
Raresh, Sammy D, Zip, Fumiya Tanaka, Matt Kovic 

9th December - Piknic Electronik Melbourne #3
Thick As Thieves Special: Boogs, T-Rek, Olly Davis, Bec Grenfell 

16th December - Piknic Electronik Melbourne #4 
Marco Faraone, Mha Iri, Dana Ruh, Handsdown

January 1st - Piknic Electronik Stage - The First NYD #5
KinK Live, Bloody Mary, Max Cooper Nastia

6th January - Piknic Electronik Melbourne #6
Moxie, Session Victim, Jennifer Loveless, Luke Agius 

13th January - Piknic Electronik Melbourne #7 
ACM Live, Marcel Fengler, Eric Cloutier, Craig McWhinney 

20th January - Piknic Electronik Melbourne #8 

27th January - Piknic Electronik Melbourne #9
Pjenne, Harvey Sutherland DJ, Whiskey Houston

3rd February - Piknic Electronik Melbourne #10
Jeremy Olander, Jamie Stevens, Dave Juric, Steve Bleas

17th February - Piknic Electronik Melbourne #11
Denis Horvat, Woo York LIVE, Paul Lynch, Louay

24th February - Finale - Piknic Electronik Melbourne #12
Plus Kiti b2b Chiara, Laura King, Sundelin, Interstellar Fugitives,
Brooke Powers, Millu, Darcy Justice, Emily Roseman