Periphery team up with Reverb for new signature online shop

29 July 2019 | 12:29 pm | Alex Sievers
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Ever wanted to know what gear & software Periphery have made? Here you go.

Ever wanted to know what gear & software Periphery have made in their time? Well, here ya go!

For the first time ever, Periphery die-hard fans or those just simply curious about what hardware and software the prog-metal band have created in their time, can now browse the group's signature music creations in one spot. Online music market place,, recently announced that it has partnered with progressive metal band to launch "The Periphery Signature Reverb Shop." With it, now anyone can browse or purchase any of the the prog-metal band's signature music gear or software that they've made, and more, in one destination online. How convenient.

Drummer Matt Halpern has this to say on the new band-site collaboration, sharing:

“With help from our friends at Reverb, we’re giving fans and musicians an easy way to connect with us, our music, and the best products we could dream up. We’ve each put a lot of time, effort, and heart into developing our own signature instruments alongside our sponsors. With each piece of gear, we’ve created not only an instrument that suits our needs and tastes, but also an incredibly high-quality tool for any musician. Our fans always ask us where they can get our gear, and now we can direct them to our own Reverb Shop.” 

This Periphery shop is also a first for Reverb, with Reverb’s Director of Product and Category Marketing Justin DeLay saying:

“We have artists from all genres, skill levels, and notoriety selling on Reverb every day, but this is the first time we’ve worked with a band to create their own Signature Reverb Shop. It’s a unique opportunity not only for Periphery fans, but also for the band members that have put so much time—R&D, testing, quality control, and more—into creating each of these signature pieces of gear. We’re creating a destination for musicians to not only purchase, but explore and learn about the band’s work.”

Together, Periphery have almost three dozen pieces of signature gear from guitars, pickups, cabinets, and pedals, to snare drums, drum sticks, and cymbals. As any fan of theirs worth their salt will know, the band also sells music software and sample packs, like the Smash and Grab Drum Compressor from Matt Halpern’s GetGoodDrums pack. This Periphery Reverb store allows anyone to view the band’s gear — like the Paul Reed Smith SE Mark Holcomb Signature guitar or Misha Mansoor’s line of signature Jackson juggernauts - and of course, also features their albums for sale too. Just in case you don't already own them, which I'm guessing would be most fans who'd end up visiting the site.

By the way, a portion of each sale on Reverb goes to Reverb Gives, which provides youth music programs all over the world with the instruments they need to  help make and learn music. Which is fucking sweet!

For now, this new shop only shows off the gear developed by the band, NOT gear that was once owned or used by Periphery themselves. Thus, it does feel a little empty currently. Hopefully, as it's just early days right now, the site can later expand into having more item listings, features and maybe even tutorials on the 'what' and 'how' behind Periphery's music and how their records, tones and sounds have come to be, giving listeners and keen fans the chance to learn about or even own those items or pre-sets for themselves and do with them as they please. Which seems to be the driving ethos behind this new store front too. Anyway, check it all out here!

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