Papa Roach Vocalist Compares Band To Metallica

19 July 2023 | 3:16 pm | Mary Varvaris
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Can you really compare Papa Roach to a band like Metallica?

Papa Roach & Metallica

Papa Roach & Metallica (Credit: Josh Groom, Andy Boyle)

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We love Papa Roach here at Kill Your Stereo, but we can’t compare them to a band like Metallica.

For one, their music is completely different to the thrash and heavy metal legends. Who will pick up the torch of the Big 4 of thrash metal – Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax – in this era? We can’t say for sure.

Papa Roach also exist at a time when it’s much harder to make a lasting impact in the heavy music realm, immediately making it challenging for them (and any band, really) to be named the “next Metallica”.

That didn’t stop vocalist Jacoby Shaddix from making that claim. However, he also named fellow nu-metal turned rock and metal heroes, Deftones and Korn, the same.

“We're watching Metallica step into that Rolling Stones spot right now. And Foo Fighters are another one of those groups. And Korn, Papa Roach [and] Deftones, we're like the next Metallicas,” Shaddix said in an interview with Lazer 103.3, as transcribed by Metal Injection.

“You know what I mean? That's it. We're stepping into that spot now. It just comes to, I guess, being able to survive the treachery of this rock and roll life. And if you can do that and still continue to create good art and good music, then we can get into that space.”

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You can check out the interview below.

Earlier this month, eager to continue Papa Roach’s legacy, Shaddix appeared on the Behind The Setlist podcast and teased the emergence of new music, per a Blabbermouth transcript.

“We'll do a full release down the road, but right now, I think we're just gonna release a few tracks, just kind of ride it for a minute,” he said. Papa Roach may have only released their eleventh album, Ego Trip, last year, but that’s not stopping them from working hard on more music.

In May, Deftones revealed limited edition vinyl and merchandise to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their self-titled album.

While Deftones isn’t as beloved and wasn’t as influential as White Pony (2000) or Around The Fur (1997), it does feature some all-time bangers such as Hexagram, Minerva, Needles And Pins, and Deathblow.

Meanwhile, in Korn land, the Freaks On A Leash finally landed a long-awaited collaboration with Adidas. Korn frequently wore Adidas apparel throughout the 90s and even joked about a potential acronym for the brand after vocalist Jonathan Davis worked there in the band's early days.

Arriving with the new Adidas shoes is a clothing range featuring t-shirts, hoodies, and tracksuits – a black and white pair or a purple and white pair. You can find out more about the collaboration here.