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Olivia Newton-John's Family Say She Visits Them Since Her Passing: 'It's Been A Supernatural Year'

12 August 2023 | 10:47 am | Mary Varvaris

Olivia Newton-John's family detail the "supernatural year" they've had since her passing.

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John (Source: Supplied)

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In a new interview, Olivia Newton-John’s daughter Chloe Lattanzi and widower John Easterling have detailed the “supernatural year” they’ve experienced after the Xanadu singer’s passing.

Discussing how Lattanzi and Easterling say Newton-John has visited them since her passing last year, the pair revealed that two instances had been caught on camera.

“Two weeks after she passed, my phone accidentally took a picture of my dog, and there floating by his head was a little blue orb, the same colour as this,” Lattanzi said, touching the aquamarine pendant around her neck, per People.

The necklace was given to her mother by Easterling; Newton-John gifted the pendant to her daughter soon before her death.

Lattanzi wasn’t surprised, though: she and her mother had discussed supernatural phenomena just like this one. “Mum and I had talked years back,” she started. “We’d watch these paranormal shows, and I’d say, 'You gotta show up for me.' And she was like, ‘I’ll show up as one of those orb things.’”

Detailing similar supernatural encounters, Easterling revealed that he saw the same blue orb when he went to spread his wife’s ashes in Peru two months ago. Easterling had revisited the spot where he and Newton-John had married, honouring the couple’s would-be 15th wedding anniversary.

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“I took a picture, and this blue orb is right between my eyes,” Easterling said, showing People a photo on his phone and telling the publication, “It’s been a supernatural year.”

Olivia Newton-John passed away on 8 August 2022 following a lengthy fight with cancer.

A singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, and activist, Newton-John was a multiple-time Grammy Award-winner with a legacy of hits, including Physical and I Honestly Love You, in addition to her Grease fame, nominations and awards. 

Since being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992, Newton-John dedicated much of her time to supporting efforts and raising funds to find a cure for cancer.

Newton-John's work in that space includes the establishment of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre in Melbourne and the Olivia Newton-John Foundation.

Olivia Newton-John’s family have asked fans to keep her legacy alive by supporting the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund and the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre.