Northlane Beat Daniel Johns In Race To #1

29 April 2022 | 5:17 pm | Staff Writer
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They've done it again. They've previously taken out the #1 spot with their album NODE, as well as 3 Best Hard Rock or Heavy Metal Album ARIA awards for Node, Mesmer and Alien. Obsidian has cemented their spot in Australian Heavy Music History! Could a fourth Best Hard Rock or Heavy Metal Album ARIA award - and maybe even an actual nod for ALBUM OF THE YEAR be in their future?

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From the official ARIA press release:

"#1: Northlane ‘Obsidian’ – Northlane take out their second ARIA #1 album as they debut in the top spot with Obsidian. The metalcore band’s sixth album comes three years on from Alien (#3 Aug. ’19) which won Best Hard Rock or Heavy Metal Album at the 2019 ARIA Awards. Obsidian was self-produced by the band. Northlane first hit #1 on the ARIA Albums Chart with Node (#1 Aug. ’15). Obsidian is the fifth Australian #1 album on the ARIA Charts in 2022. It also tops the ARIA Australian Albums and Vinyl Albums Charts.

Northlane said: “It feels absolutely surreal to have the #1 album this week. When we went independent we took a huge step, but the authenticity of the record, supported by the right team and our incredible fan base, has prevailed. A huge thanks is owed to everyone who worked on the album behind the scenes and especially to the fans who streamed or purchased a copy. Northlane has once again triumphed against all odds. Can’t wait to see you on the road.

ARIA Chief Executive Officer, Annabelle Herd, said: “On behalf of all of us at ARIA, it is a pleasure to congratulate Northlane for their second #1 album on the ARIA Charts. Once again, we see the amazing diversity in the sort of music Australian fans are listening to and celebrating – a brilliant sign for our community. I would also like to congratulate Daniel Johns on his #2 spot and Ocean Grove for hitting #8 this week. Having three local acts in the Top 10 is testament to the passion of Australian fans and labels.""

Northlane: Second ARIA #1 album!

A huge congratulations to Northlane on scoring their second ARIA #1 album with Obsidian! Find out more:

Posted by ARIA on Thursday, April 28, 2022

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CONGRATULATIONS NORTHLANE! Also - a special shout out to Ocean Grove, picking up the Number 8 record as well!

We gave Obsidian 5 Stars in our review, with Lili-Jean Berry saying:

"Overall thoughts are that this definitely feels like the natural progressive step for Northlane. They’ve matured without sounding foreign and they’ve explored without being jarring. It might feel a little long on first listen, but I know everyone will get something out of each song and pick their favourites to add to playlists and every song has its place.

The guys have been through a few line-up changes and a number of personal challenges, as we all have over the past few years, but it feels like they’re really a unit on Obsidian and honestly just made the record they wanted to make. If you’re looking for discoveries 2.0 you’re not going to get it. If you’re looking for fucking great bangers that give you different emotions, spotlight each member's phenomenal talent and musical growth that gets you god damn excited for a live show, that’s what you’ll get. Well played Northlane. I think this will do very well for you."

You can still grab Obsidian HERE and Pick up a ticket to the remaining shows on the Obsidian tour here.

Stream the whole album below at Youtube:

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