No Use For A Name’s Tony Sly Dead At 41

2 August 2012 | 10:19 am | Dan Condon

Neither cause nor location of death have been announced as yet.

Tony Sly, frontman of iconic Bay Area melodic hardcore band No Use For A Name has passed away at the age of 41, a statement from the band's label Fat Wreck has confirmed. No details of cause of death or location have been announced.

Label boss (and NOFX frontman) Fat Mike said of Sly's passing, "One of my dearest friends and favourite song writers has gone way too soon. Tony, you will be greatly missed.”

Sly joined No Use For A Name in 1989 and went on to record nine records with the band, the most recent being 2008's The Feel Good Record of the Year, though recent years have seen him take to performing as a solo artist, often performing and recording alongside Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape.

Matt Riddle, NUFAN bassist and vocalist, took to the band's Facebook page this morning to confirm the news to fans and offer his condolensces to Sly's wife and children.

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"i've learned over the years there's really no right way to talk about this stuff. i was kind of hoping it wouldn't get out so fast for his family's sake but it's a little late for that now. i see that this news has gotten around pretty fast. so i wanted to tell you all personally that this morning i found out that yesterday tony passed away. i'm not sure of all the details yet, and i don't think that's really important. what's important is i lost a great friend and you lost a great songwriter. i've been playing with him for 15 years? 16? i haven't processed it yet. i've been on the phone all day with friends and family. i'm not looking forward to it sinking in. i'm worried sick for his wife and kids. i knew tony very well and he would definitely want to thank you for all the love and support for both no use and his solo career. if this doesn't sound like a professional statement, it's because it's not. it's just me venting and i wanted to let you guys know personally."