Nitin Sawhney Added To Sound Lounge Bill

6 August 2012 | 9:13 pm | Mat Lee

It will be his only DJ set in Melbourne at Hamer Hall.

More Nitin Sawhney More Nitin Sawhney

DJ Nitin Sawhney joins a range of homegrown and international DJs who will be spinning late-night sets at Sound Lounge in Melbourne.

Sound Lounge will take place at Art Centre Melbourne's Hamer Hall (Stalls Foyer) over two big dates on Saturday 25 August and Saturday 1 September. Sawhney is the most recent addition to a range of all-night dance parties at the venue which will showcase electronic artists from over the world.

The British Indian DJ has composed with the likes of Sting, Paul McCartney and A.R. Rahman, experimenting in the genres of music, film, video game, dance and theatre. His set will take place on Saturday 1 September, with Sound Lounge is his only live DJ set in Melbourne.

Already announced Japanese acts, Aoki Takamasa and Kazu Kimura will electrify the Hamer Hall on Saturday 25 August, supported with a live set from Melbourne's Qua. The following week sees UK producer Photek take the stage, as well as the new addition.

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You can also catch Sawhney's acoustic set at the Hamer Hall on Sunday 2 September for Nitin Sawhney Unplugged.

Tickets range from $30 pre-booked, $50 for both events or $40 each at the door. Head here for more info.