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Nina Las Vegas Needs Your Help To Get The Women’s FIFA World Cup To Australia

24 May 2019 | 3:10 pm | Nina Las Vegas


I grew up in Wagga Wagga and a huge part of my teenage life revolved around football, so my love for the game has been with me for as long as I can remember. My Dad immigrated from Egypt in the '60s, so he was pretty excited to have my sister and I play the 'world sport'!

I maintained my love for the sport when I was at University in Sydney playing for both USYD & UTS. My boyfriend is also an avid football fan, so we stay pretty on top of most leagues, no matter what time of day they are broadcast in Australia!

I am now a female in music and we often struggle to find people to look up to, especially in the electronic landscape. My goal is to leave a legacy of my own and inspire the next generation – exactly what the Matildas are doing. You don’t have to be an emerging footballer to be inspired by what these amazing women are doing – their success can motivate all of us! I’m onside because I want the world to see what Australian women can do.  


I’m #Onside because I want the world to see what Australian women can do! ⚽️🏆✨✈️ Join me and #GetOnside at

Posted by Nina Las Vegas on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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Five reasons why Australia needs to get behind the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Bid

  • The Music: Football and music are inherently linked, from the anthems created to the chants of fans getting behind their teams. This goes off the charts when it comes to a World Cup! A World Cup really has a festival atmosphere unlike anything else, and music is central to that. I think that the UK does this so well, Stormzy announcing Pogba playing for Man United, you know? FIFA soundtracks being the hottest sync you can get as football fan! Whether it’s new music for the team or renditions of classics chants with an Australian flair, music will play a huge roll in getting behind Australia’s bid for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Bid.

  • Connection: Football is a sport that is unique globally in that it is a universal language and has to power to connect like no other. Playing football in my childhood helped to connect me with my community within Wagga and in the greater Riverina. From the cool kids at my new high school, the super tough farm gang from outside of town, trendy Italian players from Griffith or even the private school kids we’d train with on school holidays. 

I was continually connected to new people from different backgrounds. The first weekend I spent with my boyfriend included a game of 6-a-side with his friends in Reservoir. Adorably, we connected on football early on... plus I scored a few goals. Can you imagine the impact bringing the Women’s World Cup here would have in both uniting Australia and showcasing all our amazing, diverse and multi-cultural communities within the nation? It would be wild!

  • Empowering the next generation: A World Cup is always a special event. However, the opportunity for our kids to see our finest talent display their skills on the grandest stage of them – in our backyard – would take it to another level. The inspiration they would take from seeing their heroes in action will inspire them to chase their own dreams and believe that, just like the Matildas, the opportunities for their future are limitless. 

Plus, we won't have to travel to feel global. Although it’s common for players to get worldwide recognition overseas, if everyone came to us… the impact would be iconic. 

  • Passion: Australians are OBSESSED with sport. Our reputation for that is globally recognised, so imagine how impactful it would be to show the world the love we have for our incredible Matildas by roaring them on in front of sell-out home crowds against the best in the world at the largest women's sporting event in the world! 

  • Supporting women's sport: Women’s sport is riding a wave of popularity and focus on it like never before, and the Matildas are one of Australia's most loved and successful sporting teams. I want everyone to get behind the bid so we can see how truly incredible and fierce these female athletes are at a World Cup on home soil.

So come on Australia, add your name to our Bid! #GetOnside at – all you need to do is sign your name up, to show FIFA that we are passionate about hosting this amazing event here.