Nickelback To Tour In November

23 July 2012 | 11:24 am | Dan Condon

Love them or hate them, you're not going to stop them.

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Nickelback. It's a word loaded enough to instil genuine fear and disgust into many music fans all across the world, the mere mention of their name bringing to mind the radio rock that many consider to be insipid and, somehow, offensively banal. They also happen to be one of the world's most popular bands; when it comes to polarising audiences, few bands can do it as effectively as these guys. They are on their way back to Australia this November to play huge shows that will probably sell the fuck out in no time flat, making them a whole bunch of money, ensuring that, while you're sitting on the internet bitching about how much you hate them and how they should be banned from making music, they're knee deep in fancy food and sports cars and basically not giving a good goddamn what you think.

Victorian rockers Jackson Firebird have secured the support slot for this forthcoming tour, which is bound to be huge exposure for this duo, so if there's anything truly good to come of this tour it'll hopefully be that they manage to sell a dickload of records to the masses who flock to these shows.

Dates are below, if you're interested.