PNAU's Nick Littlemore & Peter Mayes Launch New Record Label

5 November 2019 | 10:34 am | Staff Writer

"The reason we started Lab78 was because we were meeting these very special people, these beings."

Aussie dance legends and PNAU members Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes have today announced the launch of their brand new record label, Lab78.

The duo, who have decades of notable works between them including Empire Of The Sun, soundtracking for Disney and working with the likes of Elton John, Robbie Williams and Ellie Goulding, have partnered with PNAU label etcetc for the new venture. 

“The reason we started Lab78 was because we were meeting these very special people, these beings," Littlemore said.

"Peter and I wanted to bring them into our fold so we may make the records that we felt not only did the artist desire or deserve, but the world deserved, and use our expertise, with the help of these wonderful artists like Alister Wright, like Ivy who you are yet to meet, and bring them out to the world.”

Etcetc General Manager Aden Mullins added, "Setting up this label with Nick and Peter has really been awe-inspiring.

"Nick and Peter are hyper-creative individuals with a masterful vision for authenticity and substance. We’re really excited about the projects to come on Lab78 and supporting them in their vision across a broad cross-section of career artists.” 

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The first release for Lab78 comes in the form of a collaboration with Blue Mountains artist and Cloud Control frontman Alister Wright, for a project titled Vlossom.

“We both connect on a naive, child-like urge to play and have make-believe come real,” Littlemore said of working with Wright.

“Alister is a pretty open-minded guy, like me, and thus we’ve both explored some pretty interesting headspaces. Often times he’ll sing something that just once, but I can see a sea of people in a festival echoing back. Those kind of moments, they demand repetition.

"Everyone feels the undeniable, where we all feel the love of another, that kinship. Each listen deepens the experience. He sung a world into existence and now it’s time for me to chart it, like a cartographer.”

Vlossom's first track, Catch Your Breath, is set for release on Friday 15 November. Check out an intro to the project below.