New ‘The Simpsons’ Song Drops… And Sucks

14 May 2024 | 11:51 am | Mary Varvaris

"This show used to be good."

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On a new episode of The Simpsons that premiered yesterday (13 May), the show’s creators were slammed for a “cringe” new song called Little EU.

The subject matter borders on anti-tipping as Homer sings about not needing to tip European restaurant staff. The song goes: “Just costs base rate, what a world/ Europe king, and here is why: Only pay for what you buy/ Flat price!

Accompanied by Bart, Lisa, Euro Cashier and DJ Crazy Times, the latter offered: “In Europe, servers are paid a living wage/ Instead of having to rely on tips/ Which also reduces income disparity/ Between front and back-of-house staff/ It’s mad sexy, equitable!

The song was performed on the season 35 episode of The Simpsons, The Tipping Point. You can check out the song below.

While The Simpsons’ X (formerly known as Twitter) account called Little EU the “song of the summer”, viewers disagree with that statement.

One user wrote, “I hate tipping, but this sucks”, while another commenter said that the song was “worse than I ever could have imagined.” Another X user commented that The Simpsonsused to be good”, while others posted that the video was “cringe” and “political preaching” and the “worst thing I’ve ever seen”.

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Earlier this year, viewers experienced the Simpsons golden age once again when the series’ Cypress Hill prediction came true.

Nearly 30 years after the original Homerpalooza episode aired, in which it was asked, “Did somebody order the London Symphony Orchestra? Possibly while high? Cypress Hill, I’m looking in your direction…” Cypress Hill will finally perform with the London Symphony Orchestra on Wednesday, 10 July, at the iconic Royal Albert Hall.

“We are thrilled to be performing with the London Symphony Orchestra in such a prestigious venue as the Royal Albert Hall,” Cypress Hill said, per Rolling Stone. “It’s a dream come true, a collaboration only The Simpsons could have predicted.”

In 2017, Cypress Hill shared a still from the Simpsons episode, with the London Symphony Orchestra X account quoting the post and writing, “We mostly play classical… but we’ll give it a shot.” Cypress Hill responded, “Let's make something for real”.