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New DZ Deathrays A ‘Smash’

18 February 2023 | 10:44 am | Mary Varvaris
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This is arguably one of the best DZ Deathrays songs released in a while.

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DZ Deathrays have returned with their first song of 2023, the "smash" new single, King B, a raucous, groovy and fuzzy number that reminds fans that rock and roll is alive and well.

Packed with self-described "scrumptious" riffs, King B follows the band's recent banger, Paranoid.

Where Paranoid was erring on the heavy side of things, King B brings more of the dance-anthem feeling back into their music. 

Starting with a solo rhythmic guitar and a solid raw vocal take, the band slams into the pre-chorus with a sophisticated jumble of distorted electric guitar and sharp drums, bringing your back from the 90s feel that was so apparent in the first verse. 

This is arguably one of the best DZ Deathrays songs released in a while, and it has the potential to reach an audience way outside the confines of punk while still feeding their die-hard fans.

In 2021, DZ Deathrays collaborated with powerhouse Melbourne artist Ecca Vandal on Fear The Anchor from the Brisbane band's album Positive Rising: Part 2. 

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"We asked our good friend Ecca Vandal to join us on this track. It was such a pleasure and honour to have Ecca on Fear The Anchor; she absolutely shreds it!" DZ Deathrays' Shane Parsons said.

"We actually changed the key in pre-production, so both our voices fit the track, and I think it was for the better. When it came time to working in the studio, it was really fun to bounce ideas around between everyone and have Ecca add extra melodies throughout the song. 

"I hope we all get to share a stage again and thrash this one out!"

"I'm a massive DZ fan!" Ecca Vandal added. "I get hyped listening to their records, and their live energy is just wild, so it was super cool to finally collab on something! 

"They are all such killer musicians and songwriters, consistently releasing quality music. Always been inspired by their endless creativity and drive."

So far, there's no word on when DZ Deathrays will release a follow-up to Positive Rising: Part 2. Check out King B below.