Bon Iver Releases New Exclusive Session

22 June 2012 | 11:34 am | Dan Condon

The video session is a "subtle re-imagination and invigoration of a collection of timeless songs."

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When on tour in support of their eponymous record,Bon Ivermade their way into a West Hollywood studio where they set about capturing their stunningly multi-faceted live show on tape. The results are now here with today's release of the Bon Iver iTunes Session, exclusively through the iTunes store.

The ten-piece band of CJ Camerieri, Sean Carey, Brian Joseph, Mike Lewis, Matt McCaughan, Rob Moose, Mike Noyce, Reggie Pace, Colin Stetson and, of course, Justin Vernon, recereate a series of the finest Bon Iver tunes, as well as a version of Bjork's Who Is It?

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Beth/Rest
2. Michicant
3. Holocene
4. Minnesota, WI
5. Hinnom, TX
6. Wash.
7. Who Is It?

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You can download the session from here.