Attempt To Control Fallout Over Community Creates Further Fallout

24 May 2012 | 4:32 pm | Staff Writer

A leaked memo reveals how Community's studio tried to put a lid on the show's latest scandal.

Last week it was announced that Dan Harmon, the creator of cult US sit-com Community, had been sacked from his own show.

The news did not go down well with fans who had staunchly supported a campaign to save the show from its network's axe earlier in the year.

Although known for his erratic behaviour - Harmon once had a very public falling out with Community star Chevy Chase, Harmon is beloved by fans and news of his sacking has been a popular topic both on social media sites and in TV industry circles.

In an attempt to put a lid on story, the show's studio Sony issued a 'talking points' memo to the Community cast. Unfortunately, the memo leaked and now the story has been given a new lease of life.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the memo offers actors a guide to answering questions from journalists and fans on social media.

The memo includes the following questions and suggested responses:

Why did Dan get let go from the show?

We're not made aware of why staffing changes take place but I will always be grateful to Dan for his great work on the show and wish him only the best. We're also excited that we'll be back on NBC's schedule in the fall and are looking forward to working on those episodes.

Were you aware that Dan was going to be let go?

No, that's not something we're consulted on. I'm sad to see him go but I am looking forward to starting our next 13 episodes of "Community."

Did the studio or network consult with you about these changes?

No they didn't but we're looking forward to working with David Guarascio & Moses Port on a new season of Community.

What are their plans for the new season?

It's a little early to say at this point but we're looking forward the stories our characters will find themselves in come Sept. 

Considering cast members have continually made appearances on E's TV piss-take show The Soup (hosted by Community's Joel McHale) to not-so-gently take the mick of their own show, we look forward to their mentions of this memo soon.