Naked Country Star Arrested After Wild Night

9 August 2012 | 2:20 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

Randy Travis' bizarre night also involved threatening to "shoot and kill" police.

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Country music star Randy Travis has been arrested in North Texas after allegedly trying to buy cigarettes naked and then threatening to "shoot and kill" police.

According to the LA Times, on Tuesday night a convenience store clerk reported to police that a regular customer had entered the store naked, asking for cigarettes. He then left, frustrated, after the staff member asked how he was going to pay for them.

Later that night another call was made to police regarding a man lying by the side of the road. It was 53-year-old Travis naked, reportedly bruised and smelling of booze, having run his car off the road and into construction barriers.

Police are believed to be considering the two instances related, but Travis' wild night didn't end there.

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Refusing to issue a breath test, he was arrested for driving under the influence and threatened to "shoot and kill" the police officers.

It has been a rough year for Travis, who was released on $21,500 bail, he was found outside a church in February, sitting in his car with a bottle of wine.

Fans have taken to Travis' Facebook, offering to pray for him. "We are praying for you, Randy. Everybody makes bad choices and we all have sinned," wrote one.

We don't think this is what Randy meant when he sang This Is Me: