Berlin Nights & Backstage Hangs: On Tour With Naations

8 November 2018 | 11:19 am | Naations

Naations took 'The Music'​ on tour as they traversed the world. Hitting up Europe and the US, in addition to some shows back home, check out their tour diary below.

San Francisco show @ 1015 Folsom St with Hayden James. 28 September 2018 💧⭐️

Post show dressing room shot. San Francisco synth heavy 💧⭐️

CRSSD Festival San Diego 29 September 2018. Our first ever American festival set 💧⭐️

On tour with G Anne-Marie in our island home Australia. Sydney. 15 October 2018 💧⭐️

Band room Routledge Brother hangs in Sydney before the show. Fun Skull and Nicky Night Time 💧⭐️

Mushroom Dadda. Post show in Melbourne. 17 October 2018 💧⭐️

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Nicky on the decks + DJ TORAIZ A-S1 synth and Nat on the DJS-1000 sampler. Our Pioneer family sort us out globally and we love them 💧⭐️

Purple Haze in Berlin. Danced 'til 11am. 14 September 2018 💧⭐️

Amsterdam had us tweaked. On tour with Peking Duk. 13 September 2018 💧⭐️

London was a sold out, stand out show at Electric Brixton. Had us glowed up. 8 September 2018  💧⭐️

Backstage in Paris for the last show of the European tour with our Peking Duk family who were the coolest, sweetest angels to us on their first European tour. Love you duckies. 16 September 2018 💧⭐️