MxPx Tease New Album 'Find A Way Home'

7 July 2023 | 12:06 pm | Mary Varvaris
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Pre-orders open in two weeks – on Friday, 21 July.

MxPx action shot

MxPx action shot (Source: Facebook)

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Veteran Washington punk outfit MxPx put on their first concert 31 years ago today, the band writes on YouTube. So, it’s only fitting that the band make the most of such a milestone by announcing that their new album is coming in August.

Since dropping their self-titled album in July 2018, MxPx surprise-released the live album Southbound to San Antonio in November 2021. In a December concert livestream, the band revealed that they’d release a new album this year after a long wait.

On Friday, 25 August, the MxPx devoted will experience their new album, Find A Way Home. Pre-orders open in two weeks – on Friday, 21 July. You can watch the teaser video below.

MxPx last toured Australia in 2013. They were supposed to return down under with Screaming Weasels in 2016, but Herrera alleged that tour promoter The Drunk Promoter was behind the cancellation.

Herrera claimed that Screeching Weasel were forced to pull out of the trip, and after some last-minute scrambling, they were able to recruit California rockers Zebrahead in their place. 

The vocalist alleged that after contacting promoters about the change, “We heard nothing back”.

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Speaking to The Music, The Drunk Promoter's Glenn Stewart denied not communicating with the band.

"We did email them; we just didn't want to do a different tour at such short notice," Stewart said. 

Stewart claimed to have sent the below message to MxPx regarding making changes to the tour line-up. 

"After discussing this with everyone involved, we decided that given the headlining band has pulled out, we thought it would be too messy to add in bands, change the tour, and try to make all this work at such short notice.

"We think that venues, ticket price and marketing would all need to be reworked, and a one-month turnaround is too risky for us. We appreciate the amount of effort MxPx and yourself have put in to try and make this work."

MxPx vocalist Mike Herrera told The Music after releasing 2012’s Plans Within Plans, “I think when it came out, everybody was ready to hear some straightforward melodic punk rock and hear a band that they were familiar with doing something new.

“So the fans have kind of been overwhelmingly stoked on this record, playing it live, we usually work in three songs from the album live, and it's been really cool to one, have new stuff to play in a set, and two, watch the crowds react really positively to the stuff.”