Boutique Fest Música Cans 2012 To Expand In 2013

17 August 2012 | 1:52 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

The festival will host events in Melbourne and Auckland as well as Sydney next year

Boutique indie electro festival música will not hold an event in 2012 with an aim of launching into Melbourne and Auckland next year.

Last year the festival made its debut in Sydney with acts such as SBTRKT and Ghostpoet and in May this year the company behind the event launched a label arm in conjunction with an unspecified major label.

Speaking to then, Director Kane Bligh said, "The festival is happening again, we're doing Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland this year, which is easier from a touring perspective."

However a representative for the festival said that "production issues" for these new venues have caused the event to be pushed back until 2013.

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“We had an overwhelming reaction to the first event in Tumbalong from public and industry and it was always in our sights to expand into Melbourne and Auckland, my home town, if things went well in the first year,” Bligh said with the announcement.

"We have some very exciting acts and performances in the coming line-up, so we can promise another progressive, electric event."

Further details and dates will be announced soon, but the Sydney leg will remain in Tumbalong.