Mushroom Join Commercial Radio To Reinvent Band Comp

3 August 2012 | 12:48 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

First Break will replace New Artists 2 Radio program

The commercial radio industry has teamed up with the Mushroom Group to launch a band competition for unsigned artists. The competition - First Break - will replace the New Artists 2 Radio [NA2R] program that the commercial industry has been pushing for ten years.

The competition is open to unsigned acts who have not reached the top 100 Australian national airplay chart and the winner will receive airplay on commercial networks as well as support from Mushroom for the release of two singles, touring and marketing.

Mushroom Chairman Michael Gudinski said today, "I'm delighted that commercial radio is undertaking this initiative in conjunction with the Mushroom Group. This is a real opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with commercial radio to help develop and support Australian talent.

"First Break will give a unique opportunity to a solo performer or band, who have perhaps got themselves to a certain level, to really kick in some doors. What better way than to have the Mushroom Group and commercial radio right behind them?”

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Previous winners under the NA2R banner include Sarah Blasko, Emma Louise and Faker while last year's winners were Nine Sons Of Dan.

Commercial Radio Australia's Joan Warner said today that the rebrand comes as "the industry decided it was time for a new approach to make the project even more powerful and ensure a real career breakthrough for Australian artists on commercial radio. Hence the development of First Break which offers more airplay over a longer period much longer term and broader support for the winning artist."

Entries are now open.